God has a purpose for your life. He made you, me and all of this with a purpose, with a great vision. Eden wasn’t the end, nor was it “perfect”. God wanted it to be developed, worked, and even improved. That’s what Genesis 2:15 says! God thought so highly of humanity (his “adams”) that He wanted us to do His work for Him by reflecting Him, by being Him for Him (that’s what Genesis 1:26-27 says ), to rule over creation the way He would, and take His creation to where He envisioned it.

But God’s humans rejected His plan and wanted to do their own thing their own way. Being God for God wasn’t enough; they wanted equal standing. This reversed the blessings of creation, and brought the curses of death and decay into the world (that’s Genesis 3:21-24). We see the consequences of this all around us, and even within us.

But God did not and will not give up on humanity. He does not and will not give up on you or me. He wants us to become all that He envisions us to be. He wants you and me to become the best versions of who we are right now. And He has a plan to do that!  That plan started with Abram, and Jesus is the center, the way, the point, and the example.

So, the story of the bible is that God has a cosmic purpose for us that goes way beyond our personal salvation. You were not created just to get saved and go to heaven when you die. God wants you as one of his partners, his co-rulers, to be him for him in this creation until he recreates it like Revelation 21 & 22 describes! What an honor!

On the other hand, God’s plan is happening whether you or I get in on it or not. Nothing we do or don’t do will stop it. God won’t hit pause waiting for any of us to decide to get in on it.

God desperately wants you to be a part of it. But he doesn‘t need you. You are incredibly significant, but not necessary for success. You can have a starring role, but it’s not even one bit about you. When I think about this, it makes me feel honored and important, but part of something way bigger than myself. It is exalting and humbling all at once.

God’s plan is like a great story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has a start, a problem, a solution, and a conclusion. Those parts were written down, and we read them in the bible! But we live in this unwritten part between the early church’s writings and the end, kind of a gap in the story. It’s as if we are writing our unwritten part now, with our lives. Our part has to be consistent with the rest of the story, so we can’t go way off on our own with it, but we are writing it.

What does your story look like? What are you writing? We get to write this thing together, let’s keep writing, striving to be like Jesus in His character and ministry, partnering with God to bring about His vision for creation, It’s a cosmic task. God believes in you and believes in what you bring to the plan. He knows you’re up to it.

Do you?


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