For a long time (and admittedly, sometimes even now) I was fooled into thinking that I needed to keep DOing and DOing…but my DOing was never enough. Not “good” enough. Not “enough” enough. Not “productive” enough. And in so DOing, I lost the me that is just the Being. And the results were horrible. I was almost always exhausted. I was often frustrated, without knowing why. My frustration would turn to anger and bitterness because I had no time to really grow as a human BEing. I was merely a Human DOing.

Instead of simply doing “my best”, BEing okay with my limitations, celebrating the areas of breakthrough, BEing okay with and growing from my failures, BEing wise with my schedule, enjoying BEing with my loved ones, I lost my sense of self. The self that God made me and wanted me to become the best version of. I struggled and fought to earn others’ approval, which only filled me with guilt and shame. I became a perfectionist, which stunted my growth.

It’s easy for shame to come into the picture when our sense of worth is in the DOing over the BEing. Shame is a POWERFUL and dangerous manipulator.

Instead of DOING more than what you and your schedule can handle, focus on BEing a fuller version of yourself. Trust your instinct. It’s God-given. Make goals, yes. Push yourself to become more fully you-absolutely! Grow into the areas you feel called-Yes! Yes! Yes! You’ll never regret the joy of becoming more YOU and in so DOing, you can inspire others to be their best.

For those who live as Christians, we try to grow to become more like Jesus. Not robots. Not like “so-and-so”, but to become like Christ in his character, all while still being fully you!

Don’t let others, especially those with authority and power, guilt and shame you into DOING more when the Lord calls you to BE who He made you to BE. DO that. BE that! THAT is authentic living!!

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